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Residential Sign Installation

We offer two different options for Residential Sign Installations, depending on how your account is set up with SSNW. Please read the information below and select from the following options for your installation;

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CC Installation Request

CC (credit card) installation requests are requests made by individuals or offices and are paid at the time the order is placed. CC requests are added to our service queue automatically through an automated database, resulting in expedited processing. Orders made via our CC Request form will also record and track Order History via our Client Portal, allowing you to review and reprint previous orders.

At this time, orders placed via the CC form include a general 10% Sales Tax.


Please Note: Some fees may be billed after the order is placed (811 locates, extended service area or mark out fees) if the charges are deemed necessary at the time of service. If your order will incur additional fees, a member of our install team will notify you directly.

Ledger Installation Requests

Ledger installation requests are requests made by individuals or offices with an existing Ledger Agreement on file, and are billed on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Ledger installation requests are manually processed and billed. Ledger orders also incur a 1.5% processing fee per order. Ledger orders do not record or track Order History, and will require agents to retain emails to review previous requests.

For best recording/tracking purposes, we recommend Agents place orders via the CC Form.

At this time, orders placed via the Ledger Request form include a general 10% Sales Tax or Fuel Surcharges, which are added to the final bill.


Please Note: Ledger Requests require a "Ledger Code" to be processed. If your team or office has a Ledger Agreement with SSNW, you can request this code from your Admin. Any submission without this code will not be processed.